Live Cams Pro for iOS devices. A single purchase allows you to install on all of your iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 7.x +

Android / Amazon

myLiveCams for Android, available for Kindle Fire tablets! Monitor, control and hear your IP surveillance devices on both your Amazon hardware and non-Amazon devices.

Android / Google Play

myLiveCams for Android devices was released on May 13 2013. It includes phone/tablet support for Android 2.2+.

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See our iOS product "Live Cams Pro"
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Pictured below are Barry and Lorrie Egerter, co-owners of Eggman Technologies Inc.

Release Notes - Live Cams Pro

About Us:

About Live Cams Pro:

About Us

Authors of mobile applications for iOS and Android. Our top-selling app Live Cams was the #1 ranked paid app in all of iTunes (any category) for the United States and Japan in 2009/2010. We have over 2 million users of our iOS products and take great pride in our features, quality and customer service. Live Cams Pro for iOS is designed for owners of private IP camera surveillance systems as well as the casual user who wants to view live webcams from around the world. myLiveCams for Android is strictly a mobile surveillance system for private IP camera systems and it will soon support the full list of models also offered in the iOS platform.

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