#1 in Spain !!!!!!!

#1 in Spain !!!!!!!

I’ve been very negative about things with the Apple review process lately and feel that I’ve neglected to mention some of the GOOD things that are going on with the application. As I am writing this post, LIVE CAMS IS THE #1 APPLICATION IN THE SPANISH APP STORE!

To date, it has been number one in several countries:

1) Norway
2) Italy
3) Spain
4) Kuwait
5) Turkey
6) Greece
7) India

It was #2 in Canada, #6 in the United States and as high as #30 in the United Kingdom.

At the moment it’s #4 in Korea and is in the top 20 in Poland. It has also been in the top 15 in many other countries but we’ve lost track of just how many! (Portugal, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Romania, and many others)

For those of you who support my efforts, thank you! For those who don’t, I will continue my efforts to win you over 🙂


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