Beaches, beaches and MORE beaches!

Beaches, beaches and MORE beaches!

In the 2.41 release, searches have been added and some default queries are available. I submitted the release to Apple with a search that looks for the keyword “Beaches” in the camera name or in the keyword metadata that I started to add to some cameras. I now realize that the beaches that are returned are far less than what is available in the database. To see more, do the following:

Choose Edit from the search screen and select the Beaches query. Change the keyword from “Beaches” to just “Beach”. This will give you roughly double the number of cameras that are returned.

I had to manually peruse a few thousand cameras to add keywords to them and have not completed all of the available cameras. If you see more beaches or resorts as a result of some other query, please add the “Beach” keyword using the meta-data editor on the camera screen. In the next release I intend to allow you to post your meta-data back to me so that I can add it to the master database for future releases.

Bye for now!

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