Rejected Again!

Rejected Again!

Apple has finally reviewed Live Cams 2.41 and has sent me another rejection notice. This time they claim that my app name has keywords (the same reason they rejected me on August 9th) but it does not. The app name that I submitted was simply “Live Cams”. They didn’t even look at the title of the app but rather saw the name in the emails that were going between us. VERY POOR results for waiting all this time!

They also rejected me because my toolbar contains a system button with the camera icon. I used this so that when you press the button it will take a snapshot of the video and send it to your photo album. They told me that the button should take you to the normal camera preview or photo picker screens and that it was too confusing for users. WHAT!?!

I have sent them a very nasty email with a lot of language unsuitable for this blog. This may result in my app being pulled altogether but I’ve had enough of this crap! As a developer I’m paying them 30% of my revenues to perform transactions and validate my application submissions. I’m not paying 30% to wait 4 weeks and then to be told that an icon is not being used according to Apple’s UI guidelines. That should take hours to communicate, not weeks!

Anyway, I’m very sorry for those who have submitted tech support emails in the last 24 hours, I’m just not in the right frame of mind to talk to anyone right now so I’m not answering just yet.


A frustrated iPhone developer

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