Monthly Archive:: September 2009

2.5 Release is out!

I’ve finally got the 2.5 release out and it’s available on the app store as an upgrade (or new purchase at $0.99). People don’t like change, and I changed a lot in this version, so try it out for a while before passing judgement. The screen flows are different and … Read more

Vivotek Preset support added

I’ve just completed support for Vivotek preset PTZ positions. Thanks to Mike for donating the use of his camera for testing! This feature will be included in the 2.5 update. I expect it to be available in about 2 weeks time. Read more

Linksys WVC200 and WVC210 MJPEG support added

I’ve just completed support for MJPEG in Linksys WVC cameras. Previously the app was only capable of retrieving still images on refresh intervals but it can now receive streaming video. Please note that you must have your camera set for MJPEG/JPEG output and NOT MPEG output for this to work. … Read more

Top 100 in 12 or more countries!

Even though the release on the app store is working on 3GS devices only and crashing often on the rest, I’ve managed to reach the top 100 in over 12 countries again! I must thank you, my customers, who are spreading the word about the application and convincing friends and … Read more

Streaming on 3G – Bad Reviews

I just wanted to quickly comment about some recent 1 or 2 star reviews regarding the slow framerate on 3G networks. As a reminder, I have designed this application to work around restrictions placed on me by Apple. The application has been rejected for sale in the past because it … Read more

Trendnet preset support and Motion JPEG!

Today I’ve finally started moving ahead with some new enhancements and I’ve successfully added motion jpeg support for Trendnet 422 devices. I also fixed generic PTZ preset support for all Trendnet devices. If someone has a 400 model that I can test with I’ll verify that everything is working for … Read more

Crashes on 3G and iTouch reproduced and fixed

I’ve had a few bad reviews in various countries due to “crashing” of the app. It turns out that the application is running out of memory in certain situations. A recent improvement in Live Cams was to fetch 640×480 images for cameras instead of 320×240. This makes the cameras a … Read more


With the release of this major update, several bugs have been identified by users and I’ve been quickly fixing them as they are reported. Here’s a list of what’s been fixed and will be released to Apple tonight: 1. DLink DCS 2121 profile was not in the submission in July. … Read more
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