2.5 Release is out!

2.5 Release is out!

I’ve finally got the 2.5 release out and it’s available on the app store as an upgrade (or new purchase at $0.99).

People don’t like change, and I changed a lot in this version, so try it out for a while before passing judgement. The screen flows are different and there are more touch-based navigation features than in previous releases.

First, let me answer some of the reviews that are popping up in the app store (since there’s no way for me to respond on there).

1. If you have a private camera the app will automatically load and view the video, skipping the main thumbnail screen. Simply double tap to return to the menus. The app will also do this for any search that returns a single camera.

2. Presets appear to be broken for cameras that have spaces or special characters in the preset name. I have patched this in my 2.52 release but if you can’t wait, try placing an underscore in the name (for example, “Garage Door” can be “Garage_Door”).

3. Cameras are starting to get shut down by their owners (or password protected) as they get their internet bills and see the increased traffic from Live Cams users (and traffic from competitors). I am now going to focus on improving the search features and weeding out dead cameras from the database. I will also reintroduce the ability for me to update content on the fly (which was removed earlier due to complaints about slow load times). This is the only way I can manage the ever-changing dataset and keep the junk out of the system since things change all the time. At the moment I’m relying on Apple’s review process to get my changes out, but it takes two weeks or so from the time I submit code to them.

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