And now we can move forward!

And now we can move forward!

Now that the long-awaited 2.41 release is out, I can start preparing for the 2.5 release. Here’s the planned enhancements:

1. User-submission system to allow for camera meta-data.

Most of the cameras in the database have names that are simply guesses based on Geo-IP information. This is basically a way to find out what city an IP address was registered in. It does not however have any real bearing on the location of the camera. In some cases the city is far away from where the camera is actually hosted or installed. The GPS locations for cameras are also largely unknown. I plan to allow for my users to submit names and GPS locations to me so that I can improve the database very quickly in the future. Everyone will benefit from more accurate and abundant data about these cameras!

2. Pre-defined keyword selection in the search editor.

At the moment, keyword searches are free-form text entry but the keywords assigned to the cameras are from a fixed list. I intend to improve the search editor so that you can pick one or more keywords from the existing list.

3. More PTZ models!

As I can test and validate more PTZ models (and features like auto-patrol and pan-scan) I will add them!

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