Apologies for the recent price changes

Apologies for the recent price changes

I recently increased the price of the application to $1.99 because of the impending release of 2.41. I felt that with all of the extra support work that I do for this application I would need to charge more to cover my costs (mostly time, I spend about 4 hours a day answering support requests). Unfortunately my customers seem unwilling to purchase an app like mine that costs 2 bucks. My daily sales numbers dropped so fast that I went from a top 100 app in 13 countries to just a single country. I also dropped to about 1/4 of my $ value per day after adding $1 to the app price.

I have decided to permanently reduce the price to $0.99 and will not be changing this again in the future unless something drastic happens. I apologize for those who spent the $2 US only to see the price rise again within a week or two, but I honestly believe that the app is worth it even at that “expensive” price 🙂



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