With the release of this major update, several bugs have been identified by users and I’ve been quickly fixing them as they are reported. Here’s a list of what’s been fixed and will be released to Apple tonight:

1. DLink DCS 2121 profile was not in the submission in July. I have re-added this profile since I can no longer add profiles “on the fly” to the production environment. All camera profiles are embedded in the app and require a resubmission to Apple for me to fix them.

2. Panasonic presets did not appear on some HCM devices. I have found the issue and tested on a couple of cameras to verify the fix. Thanks to Keith for letting me use his cameras for this!

3. Ordering of private cameras is no longer possible the way it used to work. The new system uses a database and search queries to return results so you must name the cameras alphabetically if you want them returned in a certain way. I suggest using a prefix like “Cam 1 – ” “Cam 2 – ” or “a. ” “b. ” “c. ” etc to resolve this. Keep in mind that it will be alphabetically sorted and a name like “Cam 11” will appear before “Cam 2” so those names will only work with 1-9.

4. WVC200 users have been struggling with video using the new release. The internal protocol was modified to support a specific firmware release but has broken many other users who apparently have a newer one. The code has been reverted and the 2.45 release will work again like the 2.35 release did.

5. Snapshots on JPG cameras were not working. This is now fixed.

6. Panasonic devices now support unlimited # of presets. Previously I supported up to 9.

Also reported but not yet fixed:

Some cameras have garbled snapshot photos. It seems that the faster the video stream the more garbled the images. I will attempt to reproduce and fix this asap.

The removal of the “Change Server” feature is causing some grief. I hope to find a way to sync private camera lists between phones so that you only have to edit on one device and then transmit to or sync from another. I cannot support the old mechanism of loading configs from a server since the entire schema is different than it used to be.

Several owners of Toshiba, DLink and Sony cameras are asking for their PTZ support. I’ve been waiting for SDK documentation from those manufacturers and have not yet received it (or in the case of Toshiba, it’s just a very complex implementation to support all models properly).

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you posted as fixes are completed and new issues are reported.

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