Monthly Archive:: September 2009

And now we can move forward!

Now that the long-awaited 2.41 release is out, I can start preparing for the 2.5 release. Here’s the planned enhancements: 1. User-submission system to allow for camera meta-data. Most of the cameras in the database have names that are simply guesses based on Geo-IP information. This is basically a way … Read more


Well, apparently it takes a well prepared email to Steve Jobs to get things fixed! Within 24 hours of contacting him I managed to get the app approved and into the app store! Apple admitted a technical glitch with their iTunes Connect system (the app submission system for developers like … Read more

Human Contact at Apple!

Today I received an email that sent me off the deep end…….I’ve been rejected for a 3rd consecutive time because my app name “contains keywords”. It does not! After spouting off around the house tonight I went on a rampage to find some senior executive email addresses that I could … Read more

Apologies for the recent price changes

I recently increased the price of the application to $1.99 because of the impending release of 2.41. I felt that with all of the extra support work that I do for this application I would need to charge more to cover my costs (mostly time, I spend about 4 hours … Read more
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