Trendnet preset support and Motion JPEG!

Trendnet preset support and Motion JPEG!

Today I’ve finally started moving ahead with some new enhancements and I’ve successfully added motion jpeg support for Trendnet 422 devices. I also fixed generic PTZ preset support for all Trendnet devices.

If someone has a 400 model that I can test with I’ll verify that everything is working for them as well. Many thanks to the kind customer who gave me admin access to get today’s work done!

For that matter, could everyone with a Trendnet camera (that is willing to give me admin access) send me connection details so that I can check everything before I move on to other matters? I’ve checked the 410 series and the 422s, but need devices for the rest. Guest access will not suffice because the Trendnet cameras don’t allow PTZ functionality unless you are admin.

Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to support audio playback and perhaps add auto-patrol buttons.


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