Monthly Archive:: October 2009

Latest Development News

As of yesterday, Live Cams reached the #1 application in the App Store for both Poland and the United Arab Emirates! Thanks everyone. This is a very big accomplishment for me and makes me want to improve the app even more! I’m making great strides with the next release of … Read more

Top 100 application in 20 countries!

Live Cams continues to impress me and has now achieved a top 100 App Store ranking in 20 countries at the same time! I’m very happy with the support I’m receiving and will continue to enhance this app so that everyone can enjoy it. Customers are giving me some fantastic … Read more

App Store Reviews – Are they trustworthy?

I’ve had quite a few emails lately which have rubbed me the wrong way and I’ve decided to voice my opinion. As an app developer I’m constantly trying to please my customers and give them what they ask for. In exchange, I hope to see positive reviews on the app … Read more

The 2.6 release has been well received!

I’m getting much more favourable reviews for the latest release and it’s the result of a lot of redesign in a short period of time. That being said, there are a few bugs that have been reported and fixed, with a patch to be released shortly: ** UPDATE ** The … Read more

2.6 Release is now available in the App Store!

This release offers many new enhancements including: * A sliding thumbnail screen during swipe actions* User preferences (like auto load of private, public or favorite cameras on startup)* Reduced memory footprint and eliminated crashes* Better thumbnail loading mechanism, cameras are more likely to complete their image downloads now* More responsive … Read more
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