App Store Reviews – Are they trustworthy?

App Store Reviews – Are they trustworthy?

I’ve had quite a few emails lately which have rubbed me the wrong way and I’ve decided to voice my opinion. As an app developer I’m constantly trying to please my customers and give them what they ask for. In exchange, I hope to see positive reviews on the app store, thus encouraging more people to purchase the app. I’ve read every review my app has received (810 to date) and have been quite astounded by the harshness of many reviews for a $0.99 app!

Should you believe reviews?

Maybe, if they are descriptive and well explained. Most are not. I strongly suggest finding a friend who has purchased the application you are considering and try out their copy.

Fact: Fewer than 0.5% of Live Cams customers write reviews.

Reviews are often biased. I’ve recently had several people threaten me with bad reviews if I didn’t give them a “promo code” for a free copy of the app. They also promise to give 5 star reviews if I do send them promo codes.

My response? Go ahead and write a bad review or if you don’t want to spend the money, don’t buy it. If you are trying to blackmail me into a free copy of a 99 cent application then I don’t want your business anyway. My 70 cent profit isn’t worth it!

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