Latest Development News

Latest Development News

As of yesterday, Live Cams reached the #1 application in the App Store for both Poland and the United Arab Emirates!
Thanks everyone. This is a very big accomplishment for me and makes me want to improve the app even more!

I’m making great strides with the next release of Live Cams. I’ve got about 350 new cameras added and verified and have cleaned out a few more dead links from cameras in the existing list that have been disabled or shut down by the owners.

The next release will be MUCH improved as far as performance and response time in the UI. The thumbnail viewer is fast, the interface will instantly respond to touches and give feedback while busy.

I’ve also re-introduced support for 2.x OS systems such as the old iPod Touches that haven’t been upgraded. I had to go out and buy a display model device from a local store so that I could test the problems with my app on these models and have now resolved all of the issues. The 3.0 release is the next one I’ll put out and it will allow everyone to purchase it regardless of the OS you use. If you have a 3.x device it will automatically enable additional features like the google maps (for a small number of cameras that I’ve located on the map).

Here’s the current bug status for 2.632 (all fixes will be rolled out in the 3.0 release):

* Trendnet 400 and Airlink 250 cameras were broken but I’ve fixed this and now video will work for both. I’m still trying to obtain test devices to check the PTZ features.
* JPG cameras were not saving as favorites properly. This has been fixed.
* Some reports have come in that categories are not working properly (they can be saved but revert to previous values on subsequent loads). I have yet to verify and fix this issue if it exists.

Keep the reports coming in! I’ll fix it if you report it!

Contact for any questions.

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