The 2.6 release has been well received!

The 2.6 release has been well received!

I’m getting much more favourable reviews for the latest release and it’s the result of a lot of redesign in a short period of time. That being said, there are a few bugs that have been reported and fixed, with a patch to be released shortly:

** UPDATE ** The patch has been submitted as of October 3rd, 2009. Apple reviews tend to take about two weeks.

1. Touching a camera thumbnail listed as N/A crashes the app! This was a stupid oversight on my part and has been easily resolved. Look for the 2.63 release to patch this and try to avoid this bug until then.

2. Linksys WVC and Trendnet devices fail to load video on 3G, and fail to allow PTZ control. This has been patched and is being beta-tested by various users before I roll out the fix. This had been introduced in the previous release and was then broken as I attempted to smooth out the video glitches on the WVC devices. There is a lot of special handling for Linksys and Trendnet devices because I had to write custom decoders due to their non-standard MJPEG implementations. I apologize for the problems and will have it smoothed out shortly.

Apart from those two it’s fairly smooth sailing at this point! I hope to slow down on the feature enhancements and allow the dust to settle from the messy September release schedule. My customers deserve a 100% stable release and I’m almost there!

Thanks for your continued support,

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