Top 100 application in 20 countries!

Top 100 application in 20 countries!

Live Cams continues to impress me and has now achieved a top 100 App Store ranking in 20 countries at the same time!

I’m very happy with the support I’m receiving and will continue to enhance this app so that everyone can enjoy it. Customers are giving me some fantastic feedback and I’m striving for a few simple things on the next handful of releases:

1) More responsive UI, the current one gets hung-up for short moments depending on how busy it is.

2) Cleaner UI. I’m changing the preset list to be nicer looking and faster to appear/disappear.

3) More PTZ support for models that should have it.

4) 400+ more public cameras.

That being said, I’m still waiting for Apple to say something about the submission I made several weeks ago. It’s been silent for quite a while so please be patient. The patch will resolve issues with Trendnet and Linksys devices.


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