Monthly Archive:: November 2009

Live Cams heading for top 100! 3.03 Coming Soon!

Some interesting details about the 3.03 release that is pending: 1) Toshiba presets with spaces in the names weren’t working properly, this is now fixed!2) Return of fullscreen video! The side and bottom bars will now slide in and out of view by a single tap on the video screen.3) … Read more

3.02 Now Available!

The 3.02 (stable release) is now available on the App Store. Apple impressed me this time, making a liar out of me after I just completed a blog about the review taking another 4 or 5 days! It’s still not as instant as I’d prefer but I’ll take it. As … Read more

Don’t believe the app reviews (again!)

Once again, people are writing false app reviews and claiming things that are untrue. The latest is that I have removed 3G streaming. I have not removed streaming on 3G, it works the same as it did since day 1. On 3G networks the app pulls snapshots every few seconds … Read more

Trendnet Workaround for Release 3.01 issues

Here’s a temporary solution if you are using either the Trendnet IP110 or Trendnet IP410 profiles (which are known to be broken). This was fixed immediately and submitted to Apple last Wednesday but they are refusing to rush the review. It will take two weeks before they review it and … Read more

3.02 Submitted to Apple

I have patched the known issues found in 3.01 so far (as detailed in the earlier posts in this blog). These have been submitted to Apple as the 3.02 release. Most notably I’ve found the cause of the app crashes and fixed them. I’ve also corrected the Panasonic and Trendnet … Read more

Bug reports for 3.01 release

After the usual flurry of activity post-release, here are some of the bugs reported and their current status: Bugs reported and fixed (to be in the 3.02 patch)1) Panasonic cameras now produce low-res video on video screen.2) Trendnet IP110 and Trendnet IP410 camera profiles fail to load video.3) Cell network … Read more
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