3.02 Release still waiting for review – 3.03 dev completed

3.02 Release still waiting for review – 3.03 dev completed

The review for the 3.02 patch is still pending (in Apple’s review pile) and I have completed work on the 3.03 release.

I will wait for the approval of 3.02 before submitting the 3.03 release because if I cancel it the app goes back to the beginning of the queue. I think it’ll be another 4 or 5 days before Apple gets to it if my last few submissions are any indication of review time.

The 3.03 release fixes some additional bugs and introduces some features that customers have asked for:

1) The app will sometimes crash when leaving the help screens. This was due to a background thread that tried to lock the user interface while animations were being performed. The lock is now performed on the main GUI thread.

2) PTZ support added for Eminent 4482 cameras. I had a chance to access one of my customers devices and added this support while testing other features.

3) Wifi/3G warning messages have been eliminated. I added these in 3.01 to help clarify how the app works, but nobody really cares. They just want video and no nags!

4) Added sliding toolbar/titlebar on the video screen. You can now toggle the side toolbar and the camera titlebar by single tapping the screen. This restores the original fullscreen video feature (fullscreen as much as possible while maintaining aspect ratio). Tap once to see the controls and tap again to slide them out of the way. You can also use the settings menu to auto-enable these if you want them onscreen automatically.

5) Re-introduced double-tap to exit. With the addition of the sliding menus it made sense to allow you to exit the video screen without having to tap and see the menus, then hit the back button. Now you can simply double-tap to kick back to the thumbnail view.

6) PTZ and Preset buttons have been redesigned to look like toolbar buttons. I wanted a consistent GUI so I’ve cleaned this up.

If Apple releases 3.02 soon then you may be able to get an update for 3.03 before the holiday season. If they are too swamped to review it then it might be available by the New Year.

Thanks for your feedback everyone! Happy Holidays!

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