Don’t believe the app reviews (again!)

Don’t believe the app reviews (again!)

Once again, people are writing false app reviews and claiming things that are untrue. The latest is that I have removed 3G streaming. I have not removed streaming on 3G, it works the same as it did since day 1. On 3G networks the app pulls snapshots every few seconds because Apple will not approve an app that consumes more than 1mb/min. Nothing has changed.

I added a warning when the app switches from Wifi to 3G and vice versa because there’s nothing onscreen to tell you that Wifi is active or not. I didn’t take any features away.

There ARE however two broken camera profiles (Trendnet IP110 and Trendnet IP410). If you have one of these cameras then you won’t get video at all. Perhaps people see this message and then fail to load video and assume that I removed it.

There’s no deception with the advertising or claims of this application whatsoever. If you take a moment to contact me about your questions then you will find that I answer them (unless I get several hundred a day, in which case it might take a few days for me to catch up). I hate apps that lie about their features because it makes legitimate products like mine appear fake to those who are uninformed.

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