Trendnet Workaround for Release 3.01 issues

Trendnet Workaround for Release 3.01 issues

Here’s a temporary solution if you are using either the Trendnet IP110 or Trendnet IP410 profiles (which are known to be broken). This was fixed immediately and submitted to Apple last Wednesday but they are refusing to rush the review. It will take two weeks before they review it and release it so I can’t get you the patch any quicker.

In the meantime, you can add a profile like this to get video on 3G or Wifi for your device:

Add a private camera, choose “JPG camera” and add a URL like this:


This will get you the snapshots on both Wifi and 3G/UMTS. When the 3.02 release comes out you can delete this camera from your private list.

Crashes have been completely eradicated in the 3.02 release.

The search feature has been improved so that you can perform custom searches and don’t need to enter a name.

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