Holiday Challenge – Want your picture on iTunes?

Holiday Challenge – Want your picture on iTunes?

I’ve seen enough reviews now about the app being fake that I’ve decided we should all show how these cameras are in fact real.

I’d like to ask everyone who knows the location of one of these cameras to make up a simple sign that reads “Live Cams for iPhone!” and hold it up so that you can get a screenshot of yourself with the sign. Try to get your face on camera if you want to be seen 🙂

You may have to ask a friend to take snapshots with the iPhone while you hold up the sign, or perhaps other customers will see you doing this and send in snapshots for you….

I’ll take some of the best ones and post them as my screenshots on the App Store and will post all of them on my website/blog for others to see.

Remember, these cameras are not owned or operated by me. They are publicly available cameras that are hosted on various internet sites. As cameras go offline or are protected by the owners they become unavailable in the application. Due to the HUGE number of people currently purchasing and using the application its quite possible that by the summer there will be very few cameras left to view. The owners must pay for equipment and bandwidth costs so there will likely be a shock when they find the new audience that is now watching…. These cameras have been available online for years but never concentrated into one easily accessible collection like my app has. Because of this the usage has been much lighter and the traffic negligible in the past.

Take your photos now and get your image on iTunes for your friends to see! Please keep it clean, no obscene gestures or poses. I look forward to seeing the submissions.

To submit, go to the user forums, sign up and post the photo here:

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