More fun with App Reviews

More fun with App Reviews

I’m starting to finally take a mental break from iPhone development but can’t quite tear myself away from reading reviews and checking support emails. I’m so worried that taking a few days off will result in the loss of my #1 spot in the US! Realistically it’s out of my hands anyway but I feel that my attention to customer requests is keeping me on top.

That being said, I read some very funny app reviews a few moments ago and thought I’d share 🙂

“Umm yeah it’s about 300-500 cameras in all different places that you can vie for control over. Low quality and mildly laggy but exactly what I thought I was gonna get. Also the screen shots are deceiving in quality.”

First of all, the current database contains 4820 cameras to be exact, and I have disabled 1291 of them (leaving 3529 active cameras). If you just use the predefined categories to find cameras then maybe there are only a thousand or so but that’s because I haven’t managed to completely categorize all of them yet! Use the custom search feature to find cameras.

Also, the screen shots deceiving? I captured 100% of my screen shots by pressing the home and sleep buttons on my iPhone to save them to my album. Shots are transferred directly to my Mac via iPhoto and not retouched in any way. Obviously I pick some of my favorites to promote the app, but nothing is altered from the original in any way.

“Stupid app! do not buy! first of all it’s sooo slow it’s ridiculous you can’t even tell what’s going on and second there aren’t even any animals in the animal cateragory.”

Wha? No animals? Are they sleeping? Haha…dunno what to say about this review, I just have to laugh.

“Plus only for streaming live cams. Static cams that update their image every few minutes only are nowhere to be found. World View is much better.”

Wait a minute, so you are suggesting that instead of streaming video you’d like to load the app full of images that take several minutes to change? I have a feeling I’d drop out of the charts pretty fast if I did that 🙂 I’ve been adding a few as people request them but I already feel like there are too many! Plus with the heavy bias towards World View I suspect this is the author trying to trick people or perhaps a friend of the author. Either way, this amused me. I apologize if you are seriously addicted to World View, I’ve never tried it.

“Junk. 1 star. Don’t waste your money. Slow.”

After working for more than 1 year on this app and supporting a few hundred models of IP cameras I would appreciate a bit more depth in a review than this 🙂

Well, that was fun. There are more every night and I’ll post a few on the blog from time to time since it’s my only venue for “challenging” the reviewers. I don’t think all of the reviewers realize that they are 100% anonymous and there’s no way for the app developers to respond to them. As a Canadian citizen I cannot even post a comment on the US App Store so it’s impossible for me to help people or respond if they ask questions in reviews.

The holiday season is here! I’m off for some mental health days and I shall return to the world of Live Cams on the 27th!
Have a great week everyone,


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