Monthly Archive:: December 2009

"The Feeds Are Not Streaming"

I’ve heard this in my app reviews time and time again. I think people need to understand the terminology a bit more. Streaming means that you make a single connection to the source and then the source sends continuous video frames at whatever rate it can (or is asked to). … Read more

Wow! Live Cams is now #1 in the United States!

This is really incredible! I’m absolutely ecstatic that people have shown their appreciation for my app. There are upsides (I’m selling my software) and downsides (the number of users hammering the application on a daily basis is now seriously degrading the performance of the cameras). I’m getting mostly positive reviews … Read more

2009 – Reflections of an App Developer

Now that my latest release (3.03) has been made available in the App Store I’ve decided to take a break and reflect on the year a little. 2009 has been a major change for my family and I, mostly due to the success of Live Cams in the App Store. … Read more

The 3.03 release is in Apple’s hands

The 3.03 release was submitted to Apple earlier this week. There are a few notable enhancements: 1) A new app icon. I created a new hand-drawn icon for the app which is simpler and clean looking. You’ll see a green icon with a white CCTV camera from 3.03 on. 2) … Read more
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