You’re joking right?

You’re joking right?

I’ve had a lot of fun reading product reviews lately. I used to get angry when people accused my app of being fake or “lying” to my customers. Now I’m just laughing back because I’m absolutely astounded at what some people think.

Forgive me for picking on a few people but reviews like this make me laugh:

“This app isn’t worth a buck! Most of the feeds are dark and you can’t see anything. The images are too dark and the app is a waste of money”.

My suggestion? Try viewing a part of the world that has the sun shining. Yes it tends to get dark when night time comes around! This phenomenon occurs every 24 hours for each location in the world.

Another one:

“The videos are just clips. Nothing exciting ever happens and the app just plays clips”.

I’m not sure what you are watching but if you picked a tree swaying in the breeze then perhaps it looks like a clip. Perhaps you are right and rather than write an app that can view live video feeds with a small amount of source code I chose to create 4800 video clips that simulate the entire world for varying times of day. Of course that’s it!

“The government has lots of cameras in DC. How do I connect to those?”

I’m guessing the government cameras are actually password protected and not even available over the internet. That would probably be in the nations best interests. If my app could crack the government network and video CCTV feeds from high-security areas I would likely be in prison now instead of writing software.

That’s all for now. I figured I’d share a few of my favorite themes with everyone and hopefully dispel some myths at the same time. The app isn’t magic, it just connects to publicly accessible cameras found across the internet by google searches.
If that’s not worth your $1 US then I’m ok with that, but for me it certainly seems like a great way to showcase my iDevices.


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