Monthly Archive:: January 2010

Live Cams – Tablet Edition

With today’s announcement of the iPad device (finally official!) I thought it would also be good to announce my intentions for the next app…. Live Cams – Tablet Edition Once the new hardware becomes available I intend to port the existing Live Cams application to a new codebase and enhance … Read more

Common App Problems – How to Resolve Them

Quite often I receive emails from people who cannot load the app or when the app loads it doesn’t display any cameras. In both cases its likely that the database is corrupted and the only solution is to remove the application and reinstall it. To remove the app: 1. Launch … Read more

Database updated – Jan 23

I’ve done another weekly sweep of the database to see how many dead links should be removed or temporarily disabled. For those of you who wonder about the contents here are some figures: There are a total of 4879 cameras in the database 1539 are currently disabled (because they fail … Read more

MacWorld Review

Tim Mercer has just completed a review of Live Cams and the article is available on the MacWorld website. You can read the full article here. It’s a fairly straightforward review with an objective viewpoint. Thanks Tim! Read more

#1 in Japan!

Even after returning the application to it’s regular price of $1.99 US it is now ranked #1 in Japan! It seems that North Americans are not willing to pay $2 for my work at all, but the Japanese love it! Thanks again for your continued support. I’m busy getting another … Read more

Adding your private IP cameras to Live Cams

This is a tricky topic to approach so I’ll cover the basics and perhaps write some more detailed blog posts in the coming weeks. Adding your IP camera to Live Cams can be very easy and straightforward if you are using one of the more common devices, but many older … Read more

Adding cameras found on the Internet – Part 1

I’ve been asked a countless number of times about how to add cameras from the internet into Live Cams. It can be really easy at times and sometimes just plain confusing. To begin with, lets add some simple traffic cameras from the Oregon Department of Transportation. The website is found … Read more
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