Adding cameras found on the Internet – Part 1

Adding cameras found on the Internet – Part 1

I’ve been asked a countless number of times about how to add cameras from the internet into Live Cams. It can be really easy at times and sometimes just plain confusing.

To begin with, lets add some simple traffic cameras from the Oregon Department of Transportation.

The website is found here (Portland region):

Click on the camera that you want to add, then when the image pops up in a new window, right click on it and copy the image address (link) into your clipboard. I use Safari as a web browser so the option in the menu may be worded differently on other browsers.

Paste it into a text editor and you’ll see something like this:

You can then go to my app and select “Add Camera” followed by the JPG camera profile.
Enter the full url as above but leave out everything after the .jpg (you won’t need the ?0.6435205)

For JPG cameras the app will simply request the url you added every few seconds. You can customize this interval to speed it up or slow it down. If the website you copied it from is only updating once every 30 seconds then you should set the number to 30 so that it matches. Pulling frames every 2 seconds would waste your battery power and your data plan when the image doesn’t actually look any different for another 30 seconds.

You can now save the camera and view it when you select “My Cams”. Any cameras that you add are considered private and the data is only stored locally on your iPhone/iPod. Nothing is ever posted back to a server or made available to others.

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