Common App Problems – How to Resolve Them

Common App Problems – How to Resolve Them

Quite often I receive emails from people who cannot load the app or when the app loads it doesn’t display any cameras. In both cases its likely that the database is corrupted and the only solution is to remove the application and reinstall it.

To remove the app:

1. Launch iTunes on your computer. Navigate to the applications section of your library.
2. Highlight the Live Cams application and press delete. Answer yes to verify that you want to delete it.
3. Sync iTunes with your device so that the application is also cleared from your device.

To re-install the app:

1. Launch the App Store and search for Live Cams.
2. Even though it appears as though the store will charge you again to download it will not. Click the purchase button and don’t worry about the price that is displayed. Apple tracks your purchases and will not charge you a second time if you have already purchased something.
3. Wait for the download and install to complete and then launch the app.

You will lose any private data or favorites that were previously saved with Live Cams. This is a completely fresh install. We’re not sure what would cause the database to become corrupted but it’s possible that various versions of firmware have bugs with the SQLite database.

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