Looking for app reviewer – "Finatik"

Looking for app reviewer – "Finatik"

Could the person going by the name of “Finatik” please contact me via support@barryegerter.com? I just read an app review by this person who claims that my app published private camera data to the web. This is not true (not even possible with my app in any way). The opposite is true, I pull cameras from websites on the internet and it sounds like his/her cameras were on the one that I pull data from.

They have given my app a 1 star review claiming that it publishes private data and this is a very damaging claim and totally untrue. The truth is that even I as the author do not have a way to get to anything that you add as a “private cam”. The data is stored in a database in the filesystem of your iPhone/iPod but this database cannot be accessed by any other apps and it is never uploaded anywhere.

I take great pride in offering a security product that is totally secure and wish to contact the author of this app review to find out which cameras are in the public list that should be removed.

If you are out there, please contact me!

Barry Egerter
Author – Live Cams for iPhone

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