Version 3.5 on the way shortly!

Version 3.5 on the way shortly!

I’ve been very hard at work since the 3.2 release went out and can finally announce that the 3.5 release is almost ready for submission to Apple! I’ve added support for many new cameras, adjusted the gui for preset lists, added a battery level indicator and clock, and more!

Here are my release notes so far:

  •  Preset order corrected, now based on the order received from the cameras
  •  IVC Relay Server – removed home position from preset list
  •  Added Iris (Mac software) camera profile
  •  Abelcam PTZ support added
  •  Added clock and battery indicator to video view on lower titlebar
  •  LevelOne camera profiles (3) added
  •  i-Pro PTZ controls corrected
  •  JVC camera profile (no PTZ yet)
  •  PTZ Preset GUI modified, menu is now transparent
  •  Blue Iris PTZ support (no presets)

I have also been very focused on putting some materials together for a security conference in Las Vegas. I will be attending the ISC West conference in Las Vegas on March 24-26. If anyone else is planning to attend I’d be happy to arrange a face-to-face meeting (most likely on the 24th). I do not have a booth but will be represented in the ACTi booth (thanks to ACTi for helping me with this) and perhaps a few other manufacturers as well.

I look forward to meeting those who attend!

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