Live Cams 3.6 submitted to Apple for approval today

Live Cams 3.6 submitted to Apple for approval today

I’ve been a little slow to get the next release out but after many spot-checks and continued testing I’ve finally put it into Apple’s hands for review. Here’s the release notes:

  • Added DLink 5220 preset support.
  • Added Compro camera profile.
  • Axis devices were not always showing the full list of presets.
  • Linksys WVC200 default resolution is now higher on 3G connections.
  • Fixed crashes on Linksys WVC200 when resolution is set to 640×480.
  • Trendnet 301 camera profile added.
  • Panasonic i-Pro profile altered, now there are 2 profiles so please check the models supported for each.
  • Vivotek multichannel support (using basic “Vivotek” profile and camera number field).
  • Lorex LNZ4001 PTZ support (directional controls only, no zoom in/out).
  • IVC Relay camera import added (initial support, long term plan is to sync with server on every startup).
  • Abelcam import added (same as IVC Relay Server).
  • Moved all of the thrid-party PC/Mac software to a single NVR group in the camera selection screen.
  • Beginnings of Sony PTZ support added, queued PTZ not yet supported.
  • Performance improvements during transition from thumbnails to fullscreen video for some camera models.

 Some notables include the camera imports for IVC Relay Server and Abelcam. This is a temporary solution for those users who are trying to pull in data for hundreds of cameras at a time. It is implemented as a one-time option during the “add camera” phase so that you can choose to enter data for a single camera or simply import all of the cameras found on the server. Long-term I hope to have the server information synced on every startup. This would be the proper approach so that camera maintenance can be completely server side and Live Cams only needs to point at the server to find the data.

As always, if I’ve messed something up or there are any issues that arise with this release, please contact for assistance. I hope to see Apple release the software within the next few days. My plans are to start work on Live Cams HD (the iPad-specific version of the app). I have also been preparing ideas for Live Cams on OS 4.0 which will add some incredible new features for all application developers and consumers alike.

See the new features in OS 4.0 here:

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