Monthly Archive:: May 2010

Live Cams HD on iPad – Now being tested!

Our iPad finally arrived today and Live Cams HD definitely looks good on a real device! There are a couple of obvious glitches in the user interface that need to be resolved after our initial tests but generally speaking it looks like it should be ready soon! We will work … Read more

Final "Control" button issue resolved

The past two software releases have had bugs involving private cameras and the appearance of the “Control” button for PTZ features. We have just identified and resolved the final known issue and will release the patch as part of the 4.0 release due out in a week. Users with WebcamXP, … Read more

Live Cams HD completed

We are proud to announce that Live Cams HD (for the iPad) has been completed and is now undergoing a final week of testing and interface tweaks. Our pre-ordered iPad (64GB + 3G +Wifi) will be shipped on May 28th and we intend to spend a day or two double-checking … Read more

Responses to the latest App Reviews

App reviews for Live Cams are pretty much consistent since the very first release. People tend to give the app either a really good rating or a really bad one. Almost all reviews are based on the expectations that people place on the app. I’ve found that people who don’t … Read more

Live Cams 3.6 Bug

A bug has been reported for Live Cams 3.6 which prevents some cameras from showing the “Control” button for PTZ capabilities. This bug has been identified and corrected and a patch will be released to Apple shortly. For private cameras there is a workaround in which you can click the … Read more

Live Cams HD – Setting Expectations

I just wanted to make a quick note about the expectations people may have for Live Cams HD. It’s important to note that while I’m making use of the full screen resolution for displaying the thumbnail grid and the video window you shouldn’t expect to see all of the public … Read more
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