Live Cams HD completed

Live Cams HD completed

We are proud to announce that Live Cams HD (for the iPad) has been completed and is now undergoing a final week of testing and interface tweaks. Our pre-ordered iPad (64GB + 3G +Wifi) will be shipped on May 28th and we intend to spend a day or two double-checking everything to make sure that it behaves as well as the simulator.

We will also be releasing version 4.0 of Live Cams for iPhone and iPod Touch. This version of the app will continue to be functional on iPads as well but will not take advantage of the extra resolution. If you choose not to purchase the new HD version you can opt to install and use the iPhone version on the iPad instead.

The newest feature for both apps is the ability to rotate to either portrait or landscape mode. We have also added camera support for Sony SNC-M3 devices and are working on final tweaks to Aviosys models. If these can be resolved before testing is completed we will add them in.

The engine is well positioned for future enhancements including trigger control (io on/off), digital zoom, audio and potentially MPEG playback.

Pricing for Live Cams HD will be set at $1.99 US.

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