Monthly Archive:: June 2010

Calling all iPhone 4 owners…..

I’d like to hear from the owners of the new iPhone 4 to see how their experience with Live Cams has gone so far. There are countless users of this application but at the moment there have been 2 reports of the app not working properly on the new device, … Read more

EarthCam proves yet again to be a horrible organization

Last year I wrote an article complaining about EarthCam Inc stealing my application name in order to boost their sales. They released an app called “Live Cams Free” which made most potential customers of mine think that I released a free version of my popular app. Sales dropped immediately because … Read more

Live Cams 4.0 is now live in the App Store

As always, take a little time to familiarize yourselves with the new interface. Some of the toolbars and icons have been modified to provide a consistent look and feel with the iPad release (which is still under review by Apple). Also, orientation changes are supported for portrait modes so much … Read more
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