EarthCam proves yet again to be a horrible organization

EarthCam proves yet again to be a horrible organization

Last year I wrote an article complaining about EarthCam Inc stealing my application name in order to boost their sales. They released an app called “Live Cams Free” which made most potential customers of mine think that I released a free version of my popular app. Sales dropped immediately because people decided to try the “free one” first. From what I saw in the reviews most disliked the offering from EarthCam and decided “not to buy” the paid version. Let me state this very clearly, there is NOT a free version of Live Cams and I have no affiliation with EarthCam Inc. They have tried to boost their sales by copying my idea and my app name and releasing it to leverage the brand recognition.

Returning home from Father’s day vacation with my wife and kids I found that they have done it again. There is now a $5 US app called “Live Cams – HD” which has the same name as mine but with a dash. I assure you that my app has nothing in common with theirs and you should not judge any of my products based on copycats like them. Look at the demo video on my home page (or YouTube) to see my app in action and judge for yourself.

Since it appears that EarthCam can’t come up with an original idea of their own I’ll tell them what my next product will be….

Just kidding, even they wouldn’t create an app called “EarthCam Sucks” 🙂

Once again, many thanks to my loyal supporters and I really hope that this poor marketing approach by others isn’t confusing you in the App Store.

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