Live Cams 4.0 and Live Cams HD ready for submission

Live Cams 4.0 and Live Cams HD ready for submission

Live Cams releases for both iPhone and iPad are now ready for Apple to review. During the past two days we have resolved the interface glitches that we discovered during testing and we also took time to add an important new feature.

Using Bluetooth radio the app will be able to transfer private cameras and favorites to other devices. This will be handy if you have an iPad and want to pull your camera settings from an iPhone or iPod touch. It will also allow you to use one device as a master and then pull the data to other devices (perhaps you have dozens of private cameras and a team of people who need to have the same data). Simply bring the devices within range (for bluetooth signal) and with one click on each one it will transfer the data.

We understand that it has been about two months since our last release and that many have been waiting patiently for various fixes. Now that the laborious process of implementing these engine changes is complete we will be able to return to our frequent smaller updates on both platforms.

Expect a week or so before Apple (hopefully) approves the two releases.

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