Live Cams HD is now available on the App Store!

Live Cams HD is now available on the App Store!

Finally, the time has arrived and Live Cams HD has been live on the App Store for a few hours.

In just a few hours the ranks for the app are incredible:

#59 iPad app overall in the United States (#5 utility)

#8 utility in Canada
#8 utility in Australia
#10 utility in the UK
#11 utility in Spain
#13 utility in France
#16 utility in Deutschland
#16 utility in Chile
#18 utility in Japan

There are a few bugs that have been reported in Live Cams 4.0 and these have already been corrected in our development release. We will complete testing and release a patch for both the iPhone and the iPad shortly.

Please remember that there is a new import feature available (find it under the settings screen). If you have Live Cams installed on more than one device it’s very handy to be able to pull your favorites and private cameras to the other devices without having to type anything in. On the master device you simply click “Allow others to import” and then on your secondary device you just click import.

Live Cams HD – get it now! 🙂

New ranks as of 1:49pm EST:

Top 100 Paid Apps (iPad)
#22 in Turkey (#2 util)
#42 in the US (#3 util)
#46 in Canada (#3 util)
#73 in Norway (#6 util)
#88 in Australia (#8 util)
#98 in the UK (#6 util)

Top 100 Paid Utilities
#7 in Deutschland
#7 in Japan
#7 in Nederland
#9 in Espana
#13 in France
(and many more)

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