Live Cams HD is the #1 utility app for iPad in the US!

Live Cams HD is the #1 utility app for iPad in the US!

For a few days now my latest product has become the #1 utility application in the United States. It has been hovering around the #15 overall to #19 overall spot for a few days. Surprisingly the results are very good for Deutschland as well (#24 overall, #3 utility in the store).

After getting mostly caught up on customer support emails I’m preparing to move ahead with engine enhancements once again. My intentions are to utilize the new menu structures to add additional camera features. Among my longstanding list of todo items are:

– Digital I/O control
– Nightmode on/off
– Autofocus on/off
– Digital zoom
– Additional tweaks to the iPhone interface to prevent screens like “please rotate to….”
– Additional enhancements to the iPad version so that presets appear as a popup window like the “select cams” feature does already
– Inverted video for ceiling mounts
– Audio support
– Video recording
– MPEG video support
– Milestone server support (I have plans to eliminate the need for expensive apps like iRa Pro)
– X10 automation control

I have many others on the list but this gives a good sampling of what I’ve been planning all along. The first 6 or 7 items on that list are likely to come first, but I will add them slowly and make sure that I’m not introducing any drastic changes all at once. Version 4.0 was a major update in order to prepare for these items but it’s still causing a bit of commotion for users who really liked the 3.x UI.

I have not yet tested the app on OS 4.0 so this is obviously going to interrupt the work I listed above. I’m in Canada so as usual we are on a delayed release for the new iPhone 4 hardware compared to the US. If we’re lucky we’ll have them in late July. At that time I may choose to add features that are specific to the new devices if it makes sense to do so. I silently eliminated the support for 2.x firmware in the latest releases and have not heard any complaints. This is good news because I am now free to take advantage of the latest APIs and features in the 3.x and 4.x firmwares without being tied to an older development system.

As I have stated before, my customers are the best and I really enjoy speaking with you in the forums and the support emails. If you have dealt with me before you’ve found that I’m upfront, honest and very willing to help you out. Those of you who buy my software are now my sole source of income so I absolutely respect and appreciate your support.


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