4.21 Release (fix for loading problems on OS 3.x devices)

4.21 Release (fix for loading problems on OS 3.x devices)

The most recent release of Live Cams for iPhone and iPod Touch has obviously caused quite a commotion in the App community. Anyone using the 3.x firmware on their device will find that the app does not load at all. This was reported within minutes of the app going live in the store and was fixed within a few hours. The fix however has been sitting in Apple’s hands for a couple of days now and they have not yet begun to review it for release. Unfortunately this is the weakest part of the iTunes process. We have requested that an emergency review be conducted so that the patch can go out immediately but so far the only response has been a form letter stating that all requests will be processed as soon as they can.

Let us re-state the options for those who have been caught by this bug:

1) Use iTunes to restore a previous backup of your device and get the older version of Live Cams back.

2) Upgrade to iOS4 (the latest firmware from Apple). The application runs fine on this.

3) Wait for Apple to approve the patch and then download it.

We understand that some people are using first-gen devices and they cannot upgrade to the latest firmware. You will need to resort to option 1 or option 3.

Again we apologize for the defect, and we are doing everything in our power to get the patch approved faster. Live Cams HD (for iPad) is unaffected by this bug.

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