Identity Theft – An Acceptable Practice with Apple

Identity Theft – An Acceptable Practice with Apple

It seems that identity theft is something that is A-OK with Apple. Yang Ke from QUUS.US has stolen my app name, product logo and app description, in addition to my camera database which is password protected because it is intellectual property that I created and belongs to me.

Since stealing these items they have also effectively replaced me in the app store ranks. Their version of my software has now taken the #1 free iPad app slot and the #7 paid app spot in the US. I was previously at #13 and have dropped far out of the top 100 since their claim to being “me”.

I’ve seen movies about this on TV and not surprisingly I can relate to the main character (Sandra Bullock) who has her identity stolen in cyberspace and eventually loses her home and livelihood. I’m not letting that happen to me!

I urge everyone to contact Apple at and let them know that you don’t like scammers stealing my name! I have demanded that they remove the apps from sale but they have done nothing other than forward emails to the other author asking for their “opinion”.

They said it was a coincidence:

“we are so sorry that we have a these coincides with barry egerter , we have replaced our logo and app name when we found this problem. we promise that the infringe of the barry egerter is totally unconsciously, we are so sorry once again .”

Would they also like to replace my lost revenue and future business as a result of their scam? If my sales continue to slide at their current rate I will be forced to close my business and look for other work. This is not acceptable.

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