Major enhancements under development – Audio, MPEG4, and more!

Major enhancements under development – Audio, MPEG4, and more!

That’s right, we are currently researching how to decode audio from MPEG4/H264 streams and hope to include support for this in a future release of Live Cams!

For now we will not be responding to any questions about these features because the development is still in early stages and we are not sure what the limitations or capabilities are. Our intention is to allow existing camera profiles to take advantage of MPEG4 audio/video streams if the device supports this and if the output is compatible with the decoder that we are implementing. MPEG4 has many variants and we will try to include as many as possible.

Audio streams are not part of the MJPEG (Motion JPEG) file format which is why there hasn’t been any audio support to date. MPEG4 is a container for many types of data including audio and video. Once working we should be able to playback audio from MPEG4 streams and video from JPG/MJPEG/MPEG4 streams.

There haven’t been many blog posts for quite a while due to recent incorporation of our business. We are now officially known as Eggman Technologies Inc.

Live Cams and Live Cams HD continue to enjoy top ranks in dozens of countries around the world. Live Cams has been in the top 20 utilities for the US, UK and Japan for nearly two years now and as always, we are very grateful for our customers and your support!

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