Live Cams 4.7 – Removed from the App Store

Live Cams 4.7 – Removed from the App Store

Apple has just approved Live Cams 4.7 after it sat in the review queue for the past 10 days.  Within an hour of the app being approved and going live on the app store we have received 5 emails about the app crashing when a thumbnail is clicked.

We have decided to pull the app from the store until we can reproduce it and identify the issue. At the moment we have tried unsuccessfully to reproduce the issue on iPhone4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 2nd gen. (running iOS 4.x)

UPDATE: We have reproduced the issue on an iPhone 3G running OS 3.0
The crash is caused by the use of an API that was introduced in OS 3.2 which means than any OS older than 3.2 would experience this issue. We have fixed the bug and have resubmitted the application to Apple. We now await their review process (usually 6-10 days) to get the fix out. The app will re-appear in the store once this is complete.

Thank you,

Live Cams Support

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