Live Cams 4.7 undergoing testing

Live Cams 4.7 undergoing testing

We have had a fantastic response to the latest 4.6 and 1.6 releases of the Live Cams product line. We are approaching the two-year anniversary of the creation of Live Cams and we are very excited to see that it is still a very popular app in the iTunes App Store. Currently Live Cams is in the top 100 paid apps in the UK.

That doesn’t mean we rest! We have been busy with our usual bugfixes and enhancements and are performing our last few days of testing on the 4.7 and 1.7 releases.

Live Cams 4.7 and Live Cams HD 1.7 contain a number of significant enhancements, including:

– Fix for “hanging” app caused by moving the app to the background and then resuming it on a different network (ie, pause the app on Wifi and resume on 3G)
– More reliable thumbnail generation from camera profiles which can only load snapshots
– Streamlined UI with new slider images, new toolbar images (instead of button text) and a new look for the PTZ preset list
– Eliminated the customized battery status indicator on the video screen and replaced it with the official iPhone status bar (which shows your true network connection and the realtime battery indicator). This can be toggled offscreen just like the titlebar and lower toolbar
– Memory leaks resolved relating to PTZ button presses
– Select Trendnet devices can now be rebooted from the advanced controls menu
– DLink DCS 2121 and DCS 5635 PTZ and preset support added
– Planet ICA-H610 profile with PTZ controls added

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