Astak Mole and YOICS

Astak Mole and YOICS

While working on our latest version of Live Cams (4.9) we spent some time looking at our competition on the App Store. To this day it surprises us how much money some people are spending on applications that do very little compared to ours!

The latest example is an app named “Yoics camera viewer: IP and web cam viewer”.  The application currently costs $9.99 US and allows people to view video from their Astak Mole devices. The current release lacks PTZ support and the customers appear to be frustrated because of this.

Live Cams has supported PTZ on Mole cameras for almost a year now, yet it seems to be unknown to most! Astak is only one of the 80+ manufacturers supported by Live Cams, so it makes sense to buy the all-in-one application rather than a separate app for each camera you buy!

We’d love to hear from some owners of Astak Mole cameras on the forums so that we can find out if there are additional features that they’d like to see in the future.

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