New features arriving soon!

New features arriving soon!

We are still waiting for the 4.80 and 1.80 releases of Live Cams and Live Cams HD to be approved by Apple. With these releases come several exciting new features (among other enhancements)!

For those using an iPad or iPhone 4 with a component video cable or a VGA cable you will be able to view the fullscreen video for a camera on your HDTV. This is currently a very simple implementation (nothing is shown for any screens other than the video screen) but should get the ball rolling as we start to figure out how far we can take this!

This one has been on our to-do list for a long time and we’ve finally got it ready. We have replaced the “Add Camera” button with a new title, “Manage”. If you select either “My Cameras” or “Favorites” the button will become enabled. After selecting this you will see a table which lists all of the cameras in text form and it will allow you to delete them (or remove from favorites) or reorder them. Simple drag and drop allows you to change the order of items in the list. Pressing the “back” button will repaint the screen with the new sequence.

We do not currently have support for assigning cameras to groups (and we know many have asked for this) . We hope that this initial step gives our users better control over their camera lists.

From the video screen for a given camera you can now choose the tool icon and select “Image Orientation”. This will give you several choices such as “Normal”, “Flip”, “Mirror” and “Flip + Mirror”. If you change the orientation you will notice that Live Cams remembers this setting on subsequent loads of the app. Each camera can be configured independently using this option.

On a side note, please be aware that a number of new “free” camera apps are showcasing public cameras and due to the popularity of the apps the cameras are starting to disappear. The developers of these applications do not apparently have respect for the bandwidth used by their volumes of users and as a result, the owners of the public cameras are disabling them or removing them from public access. We do our best to charge a reasonable fee for our software in order to reduce the number of active users, thus reducing the bandwidth impact and improving camera stability. We hope that our “competitors” figure this out soon before the number of active cameras drops to an unreasonable level.

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