"Send Camera Details To Support" Feature – Misused!

"Send Camera Details To Support" Feature – Misused!

At Eggman Technologies, most of our effort is put into handling technical support questions and ensuring that our customers learn how to use our software and properly integrate with their own hardware. This can be challenging because there are so many variations of equipment to handle and varying levels of knowledge from the camera owner/consumer. In many cases we ourselves do not have experience with particular hardware and need time to investigate it online or via direct access to a test device.

Recently we added a new menu option that allows you to send us an email containing your camera connection details in the hopes that we would cut down on the number of emails bouncing back and forth. Prior to this we would often get simple emails like “my camera won’t connect, please help!”. To this we would take time to reply and ask “What kind of camera is it and what did you try so far?”. A few emails later we would end up asking for direct access to the camera so that we could easily diagnose the problem ourselves. To circumvent this, the new menu option automatically populates a form-based email to our tech support account. The first line of this email states in capital letters, “TYPE OVER THIS LINE AND ASK US TO EITHER HELP WITH SOMETHING OR ADD YOUR CAMERA TO THE PUBLIC LIST“.

Now instead of getting questions from our users we are getting 1-2 dozen emails a day which are simply the unaltered form letter without any explanation of the problems encountered or what the customer needs assistance with. At first we started replying to these emails and asked people to tell us what the problem is but after the volume reached a certain point we have decided to simply not respond at all to these types of emails.

We urge you to “help us help you” and be descriptive in your tech support requests. If we spend all of our daily effort answering emails and not doing any development then the product will not continue to improve. We take pride in offering fantastic service for a product that is only a buck or two but this will cease to be the case if this situation does not improve.

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