Monthly Archive:: March 2011

Locking the screen orientation on your device

Many people have asked for a screen orientation lock feature in Live Cams. We have not bothered with this because Apple has added a built-in feature to OS 4.2. When running any app, simply double-tap the home button on your device to get the task switcher bar to appear at … Read more

Dozens of Japanese cameras are now permanently offline

As a result of the disaster in Japan we have sadly removed (from our database) dozens of unresponsive cameras in affected regions. Immediately following the tsunami we lost all connections to cameras in Sendai/Miyagi and other severely affected regions. It is truly a devastating disaster and we urge everyone to … Read more

Tsunami Caught on Camera by Live Cams users!

The recent Tsunami (caused by an 8.9 earthquake in Japan) washed up on the shores of Waikiki and was caught on camera by several users of the Live Cams and Live Cams HD apps. Here is a recent news article regarding the tsunami. Here are the photos (too bad someone … Read more
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