Monthly Archive:: May 2011

The Impact of App Reviews

App reviews are a great way to receive feedback on a product. One concern we have is that you must be cautious about the level of knowledge that reviewers have about the products. A good example of this: After the tsunami in Japan we received a review in the German … Read more

Audio and Public Cameras

With the recent introduction of audio support for some camera models in Live Cams Pro it appears that there is some confusion. Let’s clear it up: None of the public cameras can or ever will support audio in the app. Out of the 5000 active cameras we’ve only found about … Read more

Updates to our Live Cams Pro Product

After our launch this weekend we have found that a change to our approach is necessary. Our intention with the latest software release was to get into a “freemium” business model. This allows everyone to see our product and experience it without having to blindly purchase it first. We know … Read more

Live Cams Pro now available!

You’ve probably noticed a slowdown in the updates for Live Cams in 2011. This was due to our intense efforts to produce an entirely new product – Live Cams Pro! What’s new with this app? Why should you get it? Here’s the scoop: It’s a FREE download. You no longer … Read more
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