Customer requests – the reason for Live Cams Pro

Customer requests – the reason for Live Cams Pro

There is much confusion within our Live Cams community with the recent release of Live Cams Pro. We need to help everyone understand the direction we are going and the reasons for the approach.

“Why did you release Live Cams Pro as a new application instead of simply updating the other apps?”

One of the most common requests we have received in the past few years is to produce a universal binary so that people can buy a single copy of the application and install it on all of their devices. This  reduces the cost of owning the product and allows them to expand to all of their mobile devices. As we stated in a previous blog, we were early adopters of the iOS and had produced separate copies of Live Cams (with the iPad release being submitted as Live Cams HD). This was fine for a while but it forced users to pay for both releases to allow them to use it on two platforms. We listened and spent the past 6 months combining the two into Live Cams Pro (and adding a lot of new features at the same time).

“I don’t see why I should be forced to pay for another version of Live Cams.” 

“You should spend time enhancing the product instead of finding ways to rip us off as loyal customers” 

This is absolutely the farthest from the truth. We have invested a great deal of money and time in bringing this new product to reality and it was entirely based on customer requests. We purposefully released the app as a free download so that everyone can fully evaluate it before making a purchase decision. Our existing products required “blind faith” or the ability to see it on someone else’s device before making a purchase decision. This is unfair and we felt it was better to give everyone a free peek at the app. Apple does not allow time-based trials so our approach required us to limit features in some way. The “unlicensed” banners were created so that everything in the app would work the same as the paid version. There are no secrets or hidden capabilities with this approach, simply purchase a “license” to remove the banners.

Our intent is to let people enter their private camera information, check compatibility and then purchase if everything works as expected.

Software piracy of our previous apps has been quite intense and this new approach prevents people from stealing the code without making a legitimate in-app purchase.
Existing customers are not required to make a purchase if they don’t feel the enhancements are significant enough. Purchase of the app is optional, we’re not sure why everyone feels that they are forced to buy it!

Current app reviews claim that we are trying to insult our customers and have not spent time enhancing the product. For those who truly believe this we are sorry. We have spent over 2000 hours in the past months preparing this release. We have purchased a fairly large inventory of IP cameras in order to effectively integrate and test the private camera features. We have also invested in additional staff for tech support and software development. As much as we’d love to give out products for free, there is a cost associated with all of this.

To summarize, anyone who has not currently purchased our products should download and evaluate Live Cams Pro. It is a very powerful engine that we can expand rapidly as additional device models and features are added. For those who have already purchased our products in the past you have the option to invest in the new app. If you don’t find the enhancements worth the $$ then there is no harm done and you can continue to benefit from the existing applications. We continue to add functionality to Live Cams Pro in the hopes that private camera owners will find a reason to purchase. Our primary focus is on audio support and the ability to adjust your camera settings from your mobile device.

If we had been able to simply update our existing apps the new features would have been implemented as an in-app purchase. We have permanently fixed our Live Cams Pro prices at the same value in order to equalize the cost to our existing customers. We ask for your support in order to continue our efforts to improve the product. Publicly attacking us for free updates to older technologies is not a good way to support a business that is providing a quality product. Doing so has the opposite effect and may cause the demise of those who worked hard to produce this software.


Barry Egerter
President / CEO of Eggman Technologies Inc.

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