Live Cams Pro to become a paid app soon, get it now!

Live Cams Pro to become a paid app soon, get it now!

After six months in the app store Live Cams Pro has matured to become a quality and stable product. We continue to take customer feedback so that we can improve the product and provide the features that our customers demand.  As such, we are moving Live Cams Pro into the paid apps category in iTunes.  Customers believe that paid applications are of higher quality and more feature rich than free applications and this move reflects that.

Live Cams Pro version 1.5 will be a 99 cent download (US/Cdn $) with an in-app purchase for the private camera features. It will be ad-free and we will adjust the normal $3.99 fee for the private camera license to $2.99 so that the total price is effectively the same.

We understand that private camera owners will no longer be able to try the private camera features without making an up front purchase.  The application will allow you to enter your private camera details and test the functionality before making the additional in-app purchase for a private camera license (as it currently does.)

To summarize:

  1. Live Cams Pro will become a paid app at $0.99 cents US.
  2. The app will not contain any ads!
  3. The app will include all of the public camera features without restrictions.
  4. In-app purchase for private camera owners will be $2.99. Users will be able to test their devices within the app by adding details and playing with it before making the in-app purchase to remove the banners.

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