Known bugs in Live Cams Pro v1.6

Known bugs in Live Cams Pro v1.6

Apple reviewed and released the 1.6 patch yesterday and the high priority bugs were eliminated. We have now been working on the 1.7 release and can report on a few of the bugs that are being addressed:

Known 1.6 Issues – Fixed in v1.7

  1. Foscam audio playback is poppy/scratchy/clicky in version 1.5 and 1.6
  2. Foscam audio output quality improvements
  3. Cisco/Linksys audio fails on some devices causing a crash.
  4. JPEG/MJPEG URL profiles fail to allow “/” characters
  5. Audio output does not work on Axis devices using HTTPS
  6. Home Surveillance mode is missing an option to allow startup with favorites
Additions in 1.7

  1. Linksys/Cisco audio out (tested on WVC210)
  2. Advanced settings screens now use a label and a button to launch hyperlinks instead of a simple label
  3. Added the ability to launch group 1 or group 2 cameras when starting in home surveillance mode (in addition to all private cameras or favorites)

Our next release should be the last update before the holidays and we hope to have it completed and tested this week.

Update (Dec 12, 2011) – The release has been submitted to Apple (followed by a review that usual takes them 6-8 days before the app appears on iTunes) 

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